Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Bored with Lunches

I'm not an innately healthy eater.  Sure, I use whole wheat flour, tend to buy a fair amount of produce every week... but I enjoy all those bad-for-you foods like mashed potatoes, big roast beef sub sandwiches, and cheesecakes.  This is precisely why I'm in the physical shape that I am.

So the past few weeks I've been really watching the calories - joined Weight Watchers - and working out.  For lunches, the lowest Point lunches I've found are salads with a little protein.  I've learned I have to add a carbohydrate, or I get dizzy spells.  So, salad day in... salad... day out.  Getting tired of it.  They look lovely, though, and at first I was delighted by my renewed zeal for salads.  Here's today's:
I paired with with two slices of Pepperidge Farm's Very Thin Whole Wheat (2PTS) spread with a wedge of Laughing Cow French Onion (1 PT), a cup & a half of sliced strawberries (0PTS) with 1/2 cup of Fat Free Cool Whip (1PT).  The salad has a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (1PT) and balsamic vinegar.  It does still look pretty...    And for Five Points, well... it's a lot in my belly for a little cost expenditure. 

I like food, and while I'm sure I could spend those calories on some whole wheat pasta dish - a half cup of pasta is not going to fill me up.  This does... but I'm tired of balsamic vinegar taste.  The strawberries were a new addition today, and were very       very       good.  

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  1. I understand getting bored with salads. I like them as a starter, but I get tired of them as an entree (unless they're the ones in restaurants but then they're like a BAZILLION points). I usually end up having a smaller portion for lunch of whatever I had for dinner the night before. The difference is I still get 38 points each day... I'm sure it's a lot harder to budget with only 26 points each day.

    Also, I absolutely love Laughing Cow Cheese and the French Onion one is wonderful!