Saturday, March 10, 2012

Breakfast and Saturday Morning Musings

I think that my most anticipated meal of the day is breakfast.  Not because I wake up hungry, but because it's the only meal of the day that is truly tasty and lacks the guilt associated with the "big spender" dinners (i.e. 5-9 Points values).  I know I shouldn't dread dinner calories, but it ends up that way.  I feel like I'm a frugal calorie bank - not really wanting to spend them without a high rate of return.

Anyway, breakfast.  Breakfast every day is usually some combination of Egg Beater's egg whites, Canadian bacon slices, broccoli, and sometimes cheese.  It's pretty good.  This is my newest favorite combination of these ingredients... with a tablespoon of sour cream on the inside:

This is pretty yummy stuff, actually.  I also sliced some shallots for this dish.  It just sort of completes the whole ambiance of the plate.  I guess I like food pretty.

Speaking of food, last night I had some rum & Coke Zero's and had some serious salt cravings.  It's pretty unusual for me to snack when drinking in general - but my wonderful man drove to the store and picked me up some jalapeno Puff Corn Curls.  Holy smokes.  I ate 1/4 of the bag before I handed it to him to put away.   It was delicious!

Then, this morning was weigh-in for me.  I was a little nervous, given my salty not-good-for-me snack and given the fact I retain water like a sponge.  Still 1/2 a pound down this week.  This makes 10 pounds I've lost - and I'm super stoked about it.  I do wish, however, that it was MORE than just a half a pound lost (of course) but given my decreasing motivation this week - I can only fault myself.   This coming week I vow to myself to get on the damned elliptical more than twice (as I did this week), do my rowing more than twice, and finally add in some strength training.

These next few months are going to be NUTS.  Fun nuts, for the most part - but nuts nonetheless.  In three weeks we head to Florida for a six day family vacation.  We rented a vacation home (with a pool!) for less than staying at a hotel.  We're going to Disney for one day, Universal Studios for one day, to the beach one day, and we get to go kayaking with manatees & dolphins through the mangroves on the ocean side of the state!  I'm really excited!

Then, at the end of April I have my bridal shower at the Butterfly Gardens.  That should be lovely... I hope/think.  My mother-in-law is planning it, and my... aunt-in-law (is that a relationship) is helping her and offered to pay for it.  So nice of them!

Following that, I'm going to try to squeeze in a garage sale to rid our house of clothes that don't fit (hopefully some of the larger sizes I wear now too!) and misc. junk.  Mid-May I'm taking my girlfriends to Chicago for a weekend bachelorette party of pampering, shopping, and drinking!

Then, June 2nd - the wedding.  I'm sure there's a billion things I haven't done to prepare for it.  Yikes.  I almost can't think about it.  Not because I'm afraid to marry my wonderful man... but because I'm certain I'll forget some major part of the actual day and make a travesty of the ceremony or reception.  I wish my bridesmaids would help - but all of them have small children and only my maid-of-honor has even had one night to spend helping plan decorations.  Holy crap.  I hope it doesn't fall apart.

BUT - right after that we leave for the HONEYMOON and I'm SO EXCITED(!) about it.  We're going to Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun.  It looks and sounds so wonderful.  Ten full days of blissful island life.
We're staying at an all inclusive resort on this tiny island in a honeymoon suite.  I am bursting with excitement about it!

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  1. Umm... can I come over for breakfast??? Seriously, that looks delicious! I've started spreading a French Onion Laughing Cow cheese wedge on a slice of toast and topping with an egg. It's so good, it almost feels like cheating!

    And you're heading to Florida! This reminds me I still need to post my pics. And then Chicago and Mexico?!?! I'm so excited for you!

    Okay, sorry to post all over your blog! Have a wonderful weekend, Brooke!